Tolle Initiative

Studierende unseres Kurses „Internet- und Projektkompetenz“ haben im Rahmen ihrer Projektarbeit das Israel-Projekt initiiert.
Sie wollen darin unter anderem eine Online-Umfrage und eine Videokonferenz durchführen.

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Eine Super-Beschreibung von Christian Spannagel:

Freitag, 27.03.09, VdF-Kongress Jena

Am kommenden Freitag werde ich mit Johannes Guttenberger auf dem VdF-Kongress in Jena einen Workshop über LdL und die Arbeit mit Wikis halten. Hier entsteht der Ablauf:

How our IPC groups came about…

The purposes of a virtual community are, to put it in a nutshell, to solve some kind of problem, to collectively share ideas and to create „new“ knowledge.

In our project, the virtual communities, which become apparent in the zum discussion board, are the product of a twofold process:

First, I gave the whole group of students, i.e. Americans, Bulgarians and Germans, the chance to build groups themselves. When I noticed that nearly all of them lack the capacity to communicate in such a way that the result of the communication process are stable and reliable groups, I created a doodle questionnaire

Second, as the doodle questionnaire did not properly facilitate the group finding process, we were forced to put the remaining students in groups and kind of force them to communicate.

As a result of all this, the groups work perfectly now 😉

IPC – towards an international teacher education

Our current IPC project focuses on three main points:

  • ICT scills and communicative competentence
  • internationalization, i.e. groups made up of American, Bulgarian and German elementary teacher students
  • focus on elementary education subjects (open learning, learning theories, teachers‘ emotional influence in students ect.

Follow link for more details:


Just another outstanding projetct, presented by Stephanie, Verena, Kristina and Heiko. This time, the students dealt with a sociological subject. They analysed the acceptance of German immigrants in Schwitzerland. Click here:

student created content

During my first semester as research assistent I tried to adapt  the idea(ls) of the collective construction of knowledge with the help of web 2.0 techologies (wikis) in the courses I teach. As the next term’s projects turn out to be more international, I decided to switch to English in my blog. Based on Jean-Pol Martin’s concept of „IPC“ (internet- and project competence), we will carry out projects about primary school teaching, open learning and the ideas of formal and informal instruction together with students from Bulgaria, the USA and Germany. The professors involved are Leigh Ausbund (USA), Iliana Mirtschewa (Bulgaria) and Klaudia Schultheis (Germany). Our students will work togehter on some of the topics and prepare presentations and thus create content which they will present online.

Our to to list:

– create a website linked to the central IPC-website

– provide spaces for discussion and teamwork (discussion board, wiki)

– provide some  literature on the topics